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This free online course will help criminal justice practitioners to identify and more successfully communicate with suspects or accused people with intellectual or psychosocial disabilities. Such an identification at earliest stage possible will allow for authorities and lawyers to make informed decisions within the criminal proceedings and to safeguard successfully the rights of such offenders. The modules within this training programme offer overview of six of the most common intellectual and psychosocial conditions that put the affected people in a vulnerable position in the criminal proceedings. It also allows for checking the obtained knowledge by passing a quiz at the end of every section. At the end, learners have the opportunity to practically apply what they have learned in game-type investigation of cases.

After logging in, you can choose to take the course in English, Bulgarian, Greek, French or Italian language.

Target group

First-line police officers
Investigative police officers

Everybody else who is willing to learn more about intellectual and psychosocial disabilities


• Intellectual disabilities
• Learning disabilities
• Autism
• Bipolar disorder
• Anxiety disorders
• Schizophrenia


All learners who successfully pass the course are eligible for Certificate of Achievement which will automatically be generated at the end of the course.